RLV12 Emulator

The RLV12 Emulator as such is rather a small project. Which means the code that deals with the basic RLV12 Emulation is only about 4000 lines of assembler (inlcuding comment). But during the development phase I had to add quite a lot of debugging and test routines and many of them have been re-used in other projects I was working on within the same period of time. In addition I have decided to enhance the project with a reasonable user interface and I’m still adding more and more features. This is not an issue as the Atmega1284P has a lot of resources and for the moment only 25% of the program memory and 50% of the data memory is used. The project itself is named Qbridge11.

AVR Project

Here you can download the full AVR project folder including the HEX file to program the Atmega1284P microcontroller

RLV12 Emulator AVR Project Folder

This project requires the include library you find on this site. For a detailed description refer to the dedicated RLV12 Emulator section.

CPLD Design

The following archive contains all files from the WinCupl project folder, including the pin allocation file and the JED file you can directly download to the CPLD.

CPLD Design WinCupl Project Folder

Eagle Schematic and Board

The schematic and the board layout were done using Eagle 7.5

Eagle Schematic and Board

PIN Allocation File