RLV12 Emulator

RLV12 Background

The RLV12 was a disk controller for PDP-11 systems that supported up to four RL01/02 disk drives.

RLV12 Emulator Overview

The RLV12 Emulator emulates a RLV12 Q-Bus disk controller in a PDP-11 Systems with up to four units attached. Each unit either emulates a RL02 or a RL01 disk drive

RLV12 Create Disk

In this section I show how to format a SD-Card and prepare it to be used in the RLV12 Emulator

Rlv12 Logging

The RLV12 Emulator has a built-in logging function that stores all controller activities in a circular buffer in the RAM of the microcontroller

RLV12 General Remarks

In the meantime the MCU firmware has changed a lot and therefore I wanted to give some update about revisions, bug fixes, open issues and enhancements