RLV12 Emulator

The RLV12 emulator is a PDP-11 adapter that emulates a complete RLV12 controller with 4 RL01/02 units attached. The RLV12 emulator exists in two flavours. The original and first has been built for the PDP-11/Hack. Then I decided to port the design to the real PDP-11 Q-Bus by adding bus drivers and adapting the CPLD for the bus drivers. The MCU is the same as is the code running in the MCU.

RLV12 Background

The RLV12 was a disk controller for PDP-11 systems that supported up to four RL01/02 disk drives.

RLV12 Create Disk

In this section I show how to format a SD-Card and prepare it to be used in the RLV12 Emulator