When I decided to use disk image files on a FAT formatted volume as disk images for the RLV12 controller I was faced with the problem that I have almost no experience in C programming and the existing RVL12 emulator was written in assembler because it uses interrupts to respond to PDP-11 bus cycles and because I love assembler most. Combining modules in C and Assembler with the AVR IDE is a nightmare. Therefore instead of using one of the existing FAT libraries written in C I started to write my own FAT library in Assembler.

Note: This is still work in progress.

TOY - Time of Year

The KDJ11-E introduced a RTC. The RTC chip used was a DS1215 form Dallas. My MFV board for the PDP-11/Hack as well implements a TOY using the same chip and the same address and interface as on the KDJ11-E