RLV12 Emulator Version 2.0 information

RLV12 V2.0 Background

Already during the debugging of the RLV12 Emulator V1.0 I had big troubles to acces the programming interfaces, like JTAG and ISP, as well to change the SD-Card. Also I got some feedback about the setup especially the fact that it used packages with very low pitch and devices that are hard to find.

RLV12 V2.0 Overview

For reasons already mentioned in the previous post I decided to build a new version of the RLV12 Emulator. Although the first version is running perfectly it has some issues I wanted to correct with a new design. This post gives an overview of the new design.

RLV12 V2.0 Description

In the following page I will describe in details the building blocks and functions used to build version 2.0 of the RLV12 Emulator

RLV12 V2.0 Breakout Board

All external interfaces, including the SD-Card slot are no brought to a break-out board that can be installed at a convenient place of your installation